Types of Vet Recommended Dog Dental Chews


Just like human beings, dogs can also suffer from dental illnesses and complications. The oral complications may result in severe consequences such as loss of teeth, bleeding gums, loss of appetite and pain. Brushing which is the most effective solution should be carried out on a daily basis. In situations where brushing can’t be done so regularly, dental chews can be given to the dogs. The chews are good for the dogs since these animals being meat eaters’ love chewing so much. The dental chews and treats come with benefits such as enhanced dog breath, teeth, and gums which is a great achievement for both the pet and its owner. The VetIQ dog dental chews should be used in the right amounts and types as may be instructed since they come in a variety of types.

The greenies regular dental dog treats at vetiq.com/minties-treats are the most popular in the market and among most households. The company manufactures a similar brand for cats too. It has been improved over time, and the latest brand is almost perfect with the least or no side effects at all. These chews are toothbrush shaped, plastic and bend on under pressure hence have least breakage risks.

Next on the list are the Virbac C.E.T. enzymatic oral which have won most people’s hearts with their longer existence. They are equipped with enzymes that act against the plague keeping the pet safe from the oral complications. Despite giving the dogs an urge to keeping chewing, they get tough with results in their durability. To have an idea on how to choose the right pet products, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pet.

The C.E.T. veggie dent chews are relatively bigger than the rest, possess a soft appearance and corn-based chews. They come with an ability to control tartar due to an element called chlorhexidine digluconate that they contain. The slightly larger size and weight explain why they also last for quite long.

The milk bone brushing chews for dogs are commonly available in the business market. Although they do not last as long as the other dental chew brands, they can minimize tartar in the pet giving it perfect oral health. They should be used twice a week for effective results.

Next on the list is the Arm and Hammer Advanced Pet Care Tarter Control Dental Twist Dog Chew. They are long, stick shaped and slightly looped. They are unique as they are the only ones with baking soda as one of the ingredients. They are soft and flexible which explains why they last only a few minutes.


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